LG Electronics may have pulled out of the smartphone business but is still strong in all other areas of the business. LG Chem has now announced that it has developed a new foldable display material that makes screen covers hard as glass but flexible as plastic.

The technologies used in the process improve both the durability and strength of any foldable panel as such phones become more accessible.

The official name of the panel is “Real Folding Window”.
Specially developed coating materials are applied to the transparent PET film (a thermoplastic polymer resin). With just a few microns of the new material on either side of the film, display manufacturers can create a thin, plastic-like, heat-resistant sheet that offers better durability.
It’s not just that, LG Chem claims that each panel could withstand 200,000 wrinkles and enable wrinkle-free displays. In addition, the new material allows the screens to be folded inwards as well as outwards.

According to Chang Do Ki, VP and Division Leader of Advanced Materials, the Real Folding Window is a step in solving the problems customers find with today’s foldable materials (kinks and durability). The new technology will first appear on cell phones and later on to laptops and tablets.

Source: hitechglitz.